Recycling of precious metals (gold, silver, platinum group) rare-earth metals, and valuable metals
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ERC leases out the following devices and equipment to recover precious metals from waste plating solutions, containing gold and palladium (waste plating solutions, waste cleaning solutions, waste edging solutions)

1.Devices available for lease

Electrolytic recovery unit・・・・ gold and other metals are recovered through electrodeposition on an electrode
Ion exchange resin unit・・・・ gold, platinum, palladium and other metals are recovered through adhesion to resin

2.Precious metals recycling

Recovered on electrodes or attached to resin are sent to ERC.
ERC pays the customer for the value of the recovered metals minus the cost of recovering the metals, etc.

Ion exchange resin unit

・Compact design (small column series type)
・Resin columns are easily exchanged (cartridge type)
・Transparent columns enable easy monitoring of adhesion to resin
・Flexibility in structure of unit such as number of cylinders

Electrolytic recovery unit

・High-volume liquid circulation system enables high-efficiency recovery
・Metals can be recovered in a short period of time
・Able to process stripping solutions
・Compact design for easy installation on production lines
・Can be combined with an ion exchange resin unit for higher recovery-rate efficiency