Recycling of precious metals (gold, silver, platinum group) rare-earth metals, and valuable metals
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Business flow

Eco-System Recycling ( ERC): Recycling Operation
Eco-System Japan (EJP): Sales

[ ry, and request for quotation ]

Contact EJP first if items can be rled or not
Call us freely or use “Business Inquiry”

EJP, a DOWA Group-company, that takes care of ERC’s customer will respond to your req


Our sales staff will visit your office to learn more about the items or materials to be recycled, including quantity, whether they can be handled, type, size, number and what they were used for. The customer provides a sample of the items or materials to be recycled to enable ERC to make a more accurate cost estimate.


EJP will make a detailed quotation from the sample. EJP staff will visit the customer’s facilities again when another meeting is necessary.

Pick-up and precious metal recovery

After receiving a formal request from customer for recycling, EJP staff will contact the customer to confirm the address of the pick-up location, desired pick-up day and other details. After picking up the items to be recycled, ERC will recover precious metals.

Report on precious metals collected

After the precious metals have been recovered, EJP will provide the customer with a recovery report or statement of value based on the terms agreed to at the meetings and/or the quotation.


After the customer has confirmed the details of the recovery report or itemized invoice, the customer submits an invoice to EJP. After receiving the invoice, EJP pays the outstanding balance to the customer.