Recycling of precious metals (gold, silver, platinum group) rare-earth metals, and valuable metals
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Company Overview

Established April 1, 1989
Capital ¥300,000,000 (as of April 1, 2010)
Shareholders DOWA ECO-SYSTEM Co., Ltd. (92%)
DOWA HIGHTECH Co., Ltd. (8%)

Representative Director Koichiro Eshima
Director         Mitsuhiro Koyama
Director         Naohiro Sato
Director         Wataru Okuda
Auditor          Tsuyoshi Wada 

Bank Mizuho Bank
Plant size and equipment (East Japan Plant)
Land area:7,774m2、Building area:2,350m2
(West Japan Plant)
Land area:5,235m2、Building area:1,580m2
(North Japan Plant)
Land area:5,885m2、Building area:1,780m2

[ Major equipment ]
gold recovery and refining unit,
silver recovery and refining unit,
palladium recovery unit,
crushing machine,
filtration system,
centrifugal separator,
high-precision cleaning unit,
clean room,
air and wastewater treatment units,
Company History <January 1989>
Incorporated as a spin-off from the Chemical Division of Dowa Chemical Co., Ltd.
Capital: ¥10,000,000
Began recovery of gold and silver as well as sales of metal plating chemicals

<July 1993>
Began recovery of platinum group metals

<April 1998>
Obtained ISO14001 certification as a part of Dowa Hightech Co., Ltd.

<April 2000>
Began jig/tool cleaning operations

<October 2001>
Company name changed to
Recycle Systems Japan Co., Ltd.
Capital expanded to ¥40,000,000

<April 2002>
West Japan Plant begins operations in Okayama City, Okayama Prefecture

<April 2003>
Capital expanded to ¥100,000,000

<October 2006>
Company name changed to
Eco-System Recycling Co., Ltd. (ERC)
East Japan Plant obtained ISO9001 certification for gold potassium cyanide

<May 2007>
Tool washing business reinforcement by constructing new facilities at West Japan Plant

<July 2007>
Capital expanded to ¥300,000,000
1) Dowa Eco-System Co., Ltd. (92%)
2) Dowa Hightech Co., Ltd. (8%)

<October 2007>
North Japan Plant completed and operations began in Kosaka-machi, Akita
Tool cleaning facilities at West Japan Plant obtained ISO9001 certification

<March 2008>
Ruthenium recovery facilities was constructed at East Japan Plant
West Japan Plant obtained ISO14001 certification

<April 2009>
North Japan Plant obtained ISO14001 certification

<September 2017>